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L.O.T.E Japanese

Students at Norris Bank Park Primary School learn Japanese from Prep throughout their primary school years.

The Japanese language program incorporates the Victorian Curriculum which aims to develop the knowledge, understanding and skills to ensure that students:

  • communicate in the language they are learning

  • understand the relationship between language, culture and learning

  • develop intercultural capabilities

  • understand themselves as communicators

All lessons are taught by our specialist Japanese teacher, Satoko Kuhlmann (Kuhlmann Sensei). 

The four skills of language learning (listening, speaking, reading and writing) will be taught through games, songs and rhymes.

The students start to read and write Japanese characters from Prep years. Writing characters the correct way helps develop fine motor skills and encourage good concentration.

The students have many opportunities to explore Japanese culture in the lessons. They learn about key Japanese festivals including Bean Throwing Festival, Cherry Blossom Festival and New Year Celebrations. They also eat Japanese food, sing traditional and modern songs and dance. Twice a year, we have a healthy lunch day where students can order sushi rolls from a local shop to enjoy.

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