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At Norris Bank, Japanese is taught from years 1 to 6. The focus of the Japanese program is to not only teach students language skills but to foster an appreciation and awareness of the Japanese culture. Over six years students learn to use the Japanese language by participating in a range of diverse learning tasks which are hands on and engaging to all types of learners.

From 2018, Chinese (Mandarin) program is introduced to Prep students.

Below is a summary of cultural experiences students gain in the Japanese/Chinese program.


Foundation to Level 2

• Exchange simple greetings

• Counting

• Name colours, animals and people in family

• Respond to simple spoken instructions

• Cultural activities

Level 3 to 4

• Exchange simple greetings

• Counting (extension)

• Name sport, around the house, seasons and food    

• Learn Japanese writing system (Hiragana)

• Cultural activities

Level 5 to 6

• Make statements about self

• Exchange simple conversations

• Cultural projects

• Learn Japanese writing system (Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji)