School Council


The Norris Bank Primary School Council meets on the fourth Wednesday of the month at least twice a term. The Council is made up of a committed group of parents and staff who work together to develop and implement the school’s policies and strategic plan.


The School Council operates four sub-committees. All sub-committees of School Council are open to members of the school community, with the exception of the School Management Committee.

Education Committee (Convenor: Marise Boff)

  • Develops and reviews educational policies and some programs, and refers them to School Council for ratification.
  • Acts as a parent consultative body regarding educational programs.

Buildings & Grounds (Convenor: Trudi Gleeson)

  • Manages the maintenance and continuous improvement of buildings and grounds.
  • Works in collaboration with the school’s administration to ensure the development of a safe, attractive learning environment.

Fundraising (Convenor: Manon Fischer)

  • Works as a group to plan appropriate activities which raise valuable funds to support the school’s programs. All fundraising activities are approved by School Council.

School Management Committee (Convenor: Anne Elliott)

(Set membership consisting of Principal, School Council President, Treasurer and Business Manager)

  • Oversees the school’s financial position, and makes recommendations to School Council regarding matters related to the school’s budget.
  • Monitors the activities of the school’s trading operations – the canteen, uniform shop, facilities hire and OSHC Program.


School Council Members for 2016

DET Members

  • Jodie Abernethy
  • Marise Boff (Executive Officer, Education Committee Convenor)
  • Trudi Gleeson (Buildings and Grounds Committee Convenor)
  • Ziggy Degenhardt (Minutes Secretary)

Parent Members

  • Badreya Abbas (President)
  • Anne Elliott (Treasurer)
  • Manon Fischer (Fundraising Committee Convenor)
  • Linden Koodravsev
  • Kate Lansbury (Vice President)
  • Jackie Coulson
  • Ross Ayton
  • Sarah Ly