Buddy Program

The school has been accepted into the Alannah and Madeline Foundation’s “Better Buddies” Program.

 In Better Buddies, children in Prep and Year 6 buddy up and learn the values: caring for others, friendliness, respect, valuing difference, including others and responsibility through formal activities and informal interaction outside of the classroom. Better Buddies enables younger children to feel safe and cared for while older children feel valued and respected. Buddy Bear is the mascot of Better Buddies who embodies the values and promotes a feeling of care, safety, warmth and comfort.

Early in Term 4, Year 5 students apply for Buddy positions for the following year. During the kinder-Prep transition program which operates in Term 4, the Year 5 students are introduced to their Prep Buddy for the following year. This ensures that from day one of school, the new Prep students have made a special connection with someone familiar.