Student Code Of Conduct

control_signalsStudents at Norris Bank are expected to demonstrate the school’s values at all times. They are encouraged and supported to develop positive relationships with their teachers, peers and other students. They are expected to display behaviour which considers the feelings and rights of others and which supports the school’s rules and guidelines.

The school has five basic rules:

  1. Follow instructions.
  2. Keep hands and feet to yourself.
  3. Speak politely and listen carefully to others.
  4. Be safe and take care.
  5. Respect yourself, others and belongings.

Norris Bank has developed a whole school approach to behaviour management, which clearly outlines processes for students who behave inappropriately. The school has a ‘zero tolerance’ attitude towards bullying, and will respond appropriately once alerted to such incidents. The school’s Behaviour Management Plan is fully supported by the Department of Education’s current Student Engagement Guidelines: