Classroom Activities

Classroom – What’s Happening in Prep H


The prep literacy program consists of phonemic awareness, reading, writing and oral language.

Phonemic awareness is the ability to hear and manipulate sounds in spoken words and the understanding that spoken words and syllables are made up of sequences of speech sounds. Each day the prep students engage in a range of activities designed to broaden their understanding of sounds and words. These sessions have become a favourite part of the day as we chant, hop out words, clap out syllables, use blocks to represent syllables and sounds and a variety of other engaging activities.

Oral language activities are designed to broaden our vocab and encourage us to think in many different ways. We all enjoy the challenges of our oral language sessions. We give out clues, describe items using our senses, categorise items, find synonyms for different words, ask questions, justify our thinking and share our opinions. We also share special personal items and occasions with our friends by presenting interesting facts.

During our guided reading sessions this term we have learned and practised strategies for decoding unknown words such as sounding out words, using pictures and using the meaning of texts. We are learning that good readers think as they read and always ask themselves “What is the text telling me?” We are practising to put our comprehension of what we have read into our own words looking for the main idea in what we are reading.

One of our favourite activities throughout the week is our writing sessions. The prep students have become very proud of their work and are getting in touch with their inner authors! This term we have pulled apart narrative stories and discovered that good stories have characters (both good and evil), a problem (because we love a drama) and a resolution (because we all believe in happily ever after). We are now starting to use our imaginations to write our own stories. We also make sure we practise using strategies we have learned to sound out words and to construct sentences making sure we think about spaces and punctuation.

We all love maths sessions because maths is fun!

During maths this term we have concentrated on number in particular building our knowledge of place value and learning strategies that will help us add numbers together. We all love the maths games and activities that have helped us to improve our knowledge in these areas….it makes learning fun!!

This term we have also learned about location. We now know our left from right, we can follow instructions and move forward, backwards, around, and go under, through and near, and stand behind and in front of. We have even learned where north, south, east and west face!

We have also learned about measurement and all the different ways things can be measured. We have looked at size (big and small), height (tall and short), length (long and short), width (wide and narrow, fat and thin), weight (heavy and light – and when things weigh the same they balance!), area (what we can cover), perimeter (that’s like a fence around the area!), capacity and volume (what can we fit into things and how much space they take up).

During our integrated topic we have explored and investigated the art of story telling. We have read books, told stories, made comics, made our own moving cartoons by creating flip books, used puppets for puppet shows, tried theatre acting during a theatre workshop and looked at how movies tell stories. All that is left now is to design and tell our own stories in our own chosen style!

We all love our Activity Based Learning (ABL) sessions. Some people call it play but we know it is much more than that. Good learners think, wonder, question, experiment, problem solve and are creative. In ABL sessions we use our imaginations, problem solve and are creative. We learn how to work with others by learning to share, negotiate, co-operate and communicate. We get the opportunity to investigate and experiment in science and maths activities.