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We love Science!

What can we learn from the Museum of Victoria?

A Kinderling co-production with Museums VictoriaListen Live 7am weekdays and 1pm weekends. Listen to all 20 Fact Detectives episodes on the Kinderling App The Fact Detectives Meet The Fact Detectives – two curious kids on a mission to find out all the cool facts about EVERYTHING! Join Anika and Dexter as they take their BIG questions to some very smart grown-ups who know lots of interesting facts about lots of interesting stuff. Like, are there really killer butterflies? Why do we fart? Did monster kangaroos once roam the land? Can you touch a rainbow? And what happens when we flush the toilet? If you love finding out fun facts about cool stuff, then become a Fact Detective!Listen now to all The Fact Detectives episodes – and lots more fun, educational programs – on the free Kinderling App.Or tune in live every morning at 7am weekdays and 1pm weekends on Kinderling https://www.kinderlingkids.com/shows/the-fact-detectives/

Mrs Degenhardt loves Science - she loves finding out facts and designing new inventions. Do you?

2/3D have been busy Scientists this week at home

How to make an air cannon Can you move things with air? Learn how to use household items to create your own air cannon!


While the Preps this week have been thinking about their personal history and Who is in their Family?

In 4/5H everyone has been busy writing

SLAM! The owner had arrived home. “Woof!” Sam had already ripped up the house but now that owner was here he had to run. “SAM!” he said with a furious voice. ”GET BACK HERE!” Sam had bolted out of the house. The owner never found him again but he did buy a new dog that was a lot smaller.


Billy the dog was sitting on the new couch when his family came in. ”Billy you naughty dog get off the new couch you are covering it in dog hair!” Billy jumped down and sat down on the hard wooden floor. “When we are out you are not to go on the couch.” Billy sniffed the floor. He waited, he heard the door close and the car start, and they were gone. He jumped on the couch and started to rip it apart. He was having so much fun! Then an hour later he heard the car pulling into the driveway. He stopped, looked around at the mess and ran to the back door and pushed it open just as the rest of the family came in.


Charles the dog had ripped up paper because he was bored. But then, he heard his parents coming downstairs. “I am SO in trouble,” he thought to himself. Because he had ripped up the paper, he was scared. His parents saw and they were red face MAD. “WOOF!” woofed the dog. “YOU ARE SO IN TROUBLE!” said the parents angrily. Charles ran away.


A dog was in a house when his owner was away, as soon as she left the dog turned around and saw a couch, some pillows, some paperwork and a blanket. The dog pounced on the couch and pushed that paper work off the edge, he chewed it up. He felt happy. He ate some of the couch and spat out the cotton and fluffy bits outside. He ate some of the pillows and chewed the blankets also ripping them. He then heard her coming back into the apartment. He hid under some of the scraps and went “WOOF WOOF!” He was nervous and he thought he was in trouble. The owner yelled and then the manager came to see what was wrong, the manager laughed but she wasn't happy.


Stella was bored and saw papers on the coffee table. She walked towards the paper and put it all on the ground. Then she heard footsteps coming from the kitchen. “Oh no,” she thought to herself. As she saw her owner, she started to worry. “Stella what have you done?” said the owner. The owner put outside for time out.


And last but not least. Parents did you know...

has some invaluable information to help parents/ carers to get through these difficult times.


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