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Lifting our Spirits- Supporting Each Other through Tough Times

We know that these times are tough, and that all of our students (and families) are missing being able to attend school as normal. So the Staff at NBPS have decided that we want to use the next four weeks to share some information with you all that can be useful at home.

We want to thank you all for your patience, perseverance and care. You are all doing a great job at home. As many of you have told us in your feedback, this is a special time like no other, an opportunity to spend time with your children and to appreciate just how hard they try and how resilient they have become through this crisis. Regardless of how many learning tasks they are completing, there is no doubt in our minds as educators that they have strengthened their capabilities in problem solving, independence and resilience.

Great job everyone!

As mentioned in the Compass notification Friday 21st August, as a whole staff , we have looked at your Parent/ Carer Feedback with gratitude. Your positive feedback means so much to us. Over one half of all our families responded to the survey and gave our Remote Learning a 90 - 95% Approval rating so thank you.

However, we are always looking to improve and do more, so your comments were invaluable. More face to face Webex meetings with the students throughout the week and extra activities for outside of the school delivered curriculum were asked for. All grades will be increasing these Webex Meetings from this week.

I thought that I could use this forum to add links to resources that may be useful to all our families. These links may assist you whilst trying to keep the children busy and interested. This will also serve as a place to find links for services that maybe mum or dad may need at times to assist them as well.

I will try to add to the blog every couple of days. Something to brighten your day.

Did you know.....


Notre-Dame’s Bees Keep Buzzing Through Crises When fire ravaged Paris’s Notre-Dame cathedral last year, many presumed that the three colonies of bees living on its sacristy roof had perished. But against all odds, the bees survived the inferno and continued to thrive through the coronavirus lockdown. “There’s nothing wrong with them at all,” reports beekeeper Sibyle Moulin, who looks after some 30-45,000 insects in the three hives. “The behaviour of the colonies is perfectly normal.” The beehives are just 30 metres below Notre-Dame’s main roof but were untouched by the flames. “The mystery remains,” says Moulin. “All that smoke, heat, water…” She kept visiting the bees through the coronavirus crisis. As humans stressed over COVID-19, Moulin reported that the bees were “completely unbothered”. [Source: The Guardian] Find out what you can do right now to help save the bees. https://www.readersdigest.ca/home-garden/tips/save-the-bees/

Fun stuff for kids

Audible stories in case you need a break from reading bedtime stories after a long day of keeping the kids on track. A pair of headphones and they will be asleep in no time.


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