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Principal's Message

Welcome to Norris Bank Primary School,


Here we are! How school life and life in general has changed over the past 18 months.

2020 and 2021 certainly have been unprecedented.

 It is great to see how well our students are learning via our Google Classroom Portal and our 3 hour live Webex meetings.

Online face to face teaching with every student as a whole class has been both effective and very rewarding.

Our online lunchtime social clubs and our online parent morning tea meetings are also proving a hit.


All these activities are keeping us connected during these difficult times.

 Our parents have become expert educators themselves and are truly immersed in their children's learning successes and challenges.

Once again, we are moving forward and adding to the rich learning history of Norris Bank Primary. Since the establishment of the school at Norris Bank Homestead in 1907, our school has continued to offer the children of Bundoora and surrounding suburbs a sense of belonging and achievement.


Our School Values of Kindness, Respect and Curiosity continue to guide our attitude and actions within our school community. 

Our assessment processes are rigorous and informative, our teachers work together in teams to plan for, teach and assess every student. Our learning communities: Cooper - Foundation to Year 2 and Darebin - Year 3 -Year 6 cater for every student at their point of learning. As partners in learning every parent receives a term overview of their child's learning and individualized learning goals for their child.

We have a strong sense of community at Norris Bank. We believe that all children need to feel safe and happy at school to learn.


All children deserve a voice in regards to their personal, social and academic achievement.


 By striving to deliver a balanced curriculum of Mindfulness, Health and Physical Education, Literacy, Numeracy, Science, History and the Arts we know our students enjoy and engage in their learning.


Our vision is for every student to reach their personal best. For this to happen children need to develop the understanding that we all have the ability to continually learn and grow.  


 This vision is reflected by our combined will to work together as advocates for learning for every child that walks into Norris Bank Primary School.


Kind regards                       



Sandra James


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