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Principal's Message



What exciting times lay ahead for Norris Bank Primary School in Settlement Road, Bundoora.

2018/19 will see us moving into our new Children’s Science/ Sensory Discovery Garden and Indoor Maths and Science room.

Once again, we are moving forward and adding to the rich learning history of Norris Bank Primary. Since the establishment of the school at Norris Bank Homestead in 1907, our school has continued to offer the children of Bundoora and surrounding suburbs an innovative education whilst retaining a strong sense of community. 


Our recently updated School Values direct the behaviour of both children and adults in our school community. They are tangible, realistic and child friendly.

Being Kind, Showing Self Respect, Standing up for Others and being Curious.


We truly believe as a school community that these values are paramount to a happy and successful education.

In the development of a new “Whole School Strategic Plan for 2019 -2022” focusing on improved student outcomes both in Reading Comprehension and Numeracy, our students receive regular common assessment. Goals are established for every student and their learning is tracked throughout their time here.


Our focus on inclusion and diversity enables us to work in partnership with families to support the development of creative, caring and problem solving students.


All our students are both challenged and supported to reach their personal best.


With the rapid pace of change, our students need the skills and knowledge to be successful, independent learners. They will also need a strong sense of social justice and kindness. 

Our vision is for every student to reach their personal goals by developing a teaching and learning program that delivers results. This vision will continue to be reflected in the quality of our professional development processes and our combined will to work together as an advocate for every child that walks into Norris Bank Primary School.


Take care for now and best wishes



Sandra James