Term 4

This Term the teachers will be spending time assessing the students learning in preparation for Student Reports.

In literacy we will be exploring the features of Information Texts. Students will be given the opportunity to read and write their own Information texts. During the Guided Reading Program students will read texts appropriate to their level of need and they will work in small groups. Students will continue to engage in phonological awareness tasks and practise learning high frequency words.

Oral Language Centre
We focus on developing the students oral language through a play based learning environment. Our topics this theme are Post Office, Dress Up’s, Water Play, Drawing/ Painting and Construction with Straws/ Rods. Prep students visit the Oral Language Centre twice a week and then write about their experiences.

This term we will focus on addition, subtraction, making groups and sharing situations using concrete materials. We will incorporate problem solving tasks. We will explore money, simple fractions and time through hands on tasks. We will revisit patterns, shapes and measurement.
Integrated Studies
This term we are building the concepts of Living and Non-Living by investigating Farms and learning about farm animals and produce.

We use the Primary Connections program as a basis for our Science program. This term we are exploring Earth and Beyond by investigating the topic Weather in my world.
Social and Emotional Learning
Our topic this term is Building Resilience and Problem Solving.

Digital Technologies
Students will continue to explore the features in using Word documents and will be introduced to using the Microsoft Power-point program.

We will be viewing Franklin stories using YouTube resources.