Welcome to all our Prep families. Term 3 is always a special time at Norris Bank Primary School as we prepare for and celebrate our annual school concert. All classes present an item as a part of the performance and the Prep children are always adored by the audience. This term the students will also present their Portfolio and special learning as a part of their Three Way Conference. As a teacher it is always lovely to see the children presenting their learning to their parents in such a proud way. This term we have booked an incursion with The Drama Toolbox for an interactive performance of the well- known story “Tiddalick the Frog.”


In literacy we will be exploring the features of stories and narratives. Students will analyse and create make believe texts and will participate in sequencing tasks. Students will continue to learn about rhyme, syllables, nouns, verbs and adjectives. We will learn basic punctuation including capital letters, full stops, question, exclamation and speech marks. We will learn about compound sentences and basic conjunctions. The first ten minutes of each lesson will focus of learning sounds, onset and rime activities and phonological awareness tasks.

Oral Language Centre

We focus on developing the students oral language through a play based learning environment. Our theme this term is Camping. Our dramatic play centre is puppetry and script. Our construction centre is using Lego and Mobilo together with imagination to create buildings and 3D dimensional shapes. Our Science/ Sensory centre is sand play and objects in feely bags. Our art based centre is developing creativity through collage based tasks. Prep students visit the Oral Language Centre twice a week and then write about their experiences.


This term we will focus on teen numbers, addition and subtraction strategies, counting and skip counting tasks. We will explore mass, capacity and volume through hands on tasks. We will increase our knowledge of shapes by exploring common 3 dimensional solids.

Integrated Studies

This term our topic is Storytelling. We will focus on fairy tales, folktales and fables. We will also explore indigenous stories.


We use the Primary Connections program as a basis for our Science program. This term we are exploring Physical Sciences in our unit titled, On the Move. Students will develop an understanding of how things move. They will explore the push and pull forces. They can move objects by sliding, bouncing and spinning. Through investigations, students will observe and they will gather evidence about rolling objects and they will explore the idea of fair testing.

Social and Emotional Learning

This term we revisit our Start Up Program. We will revisit school expectations, rights and responsibilities. We will discuss school values, learning, cooperation, integrity and self-worth. Our topic this term is anti-bullying and friendship.

Digital Technologies

Students will be introduced to working with Word documents. We will explore robotics.